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Sale of 507/238 Flinders Lane by Donazzan Boutique Property

Very professional, amazing work.

10 out of 10 

She have a great understanding for buyers and sellers…

She knows the market!!

Amazing work in this challenging environment,

We’ve done business with this lady more than 20 years,

Always works hard for the best results!!!

Steve Axis
Vendor, 507/238 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Sale of 301/350 La Trobe Street by Donazzan Boutique Property

We’d been searching for a new home for close to a month and became increasingly frustrated at the mix of experiences, information and support when enquiring about possible options….until we met Gina and her team.

We cannot commend Gina highly enough what a difference it made dealing with her, her knowledge, respect shown towards us as well as exemplary follow through on any matters we raised made the generally stressful process actually quite uplifting. Both my wife and I valued every moment.

Michael Ehrentraut
Buyer, 301/350 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Sale of 301/350 La Trobe Street by Donazzan Boutique Property

Gina has unparalleled knowledge of the Melbourne CBD, which helped steer appropriate buyers to the value proposition of my property. Leveraging off this knowledge Gina gave honest and direct feedback about what to expect in a sale, and how to prepare my property for sale. During the sale, Gina was incredibly responsive and delivered a truly bespoke service – nothing was too difficult and everything well considered. Ultimately, Gina worked to realise the best result in the tough COVID market.

Bryan Wee
Vendor, 301/350 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Sale of 38/7 Drewery Lane by Donazzan Boutique Property

Gina Donazzan, an incredible breath of fresh air…. I have been buying and selling domestic properties for many years…. Gina was the first agent that I’ve encountered that I would recommend WITHOUT any hesitation. Gina is passionate about her profession. She truly is a gem amongst the rather dubious agents out there. I recently bought an exquisite bespoke property in the CBD. Every aspect of the process was FLAWLESS. Her integrity, honesty and understanding of the needs of the buyer and seller were never compromised. The entire process faultless I can honestly say that I don’t bother often with rating individuals, but in this case, I felt compelled to share my experience. I rang Gina to see if she could help me find a needle in a haystack… within a few days she helped me find my perfect home. Gina nailed my brief. Her years of experience was evident. She in fact had sold 18 properties in the building I purchased in. Everyone that I have spoken to since only had kind things to say about her and their experiences. I’m just one of many very happy clients. Gina was prompt with every enquiry I had or made, timely, organised, nothing was too much. Gina has followed up on many occasions to see that I’m happy. I’m delighted to be living where I am. I wouldn’t have found it without her help and knowledge. Gina and your team are just sensational. Thank you so so much. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Vendor, 38/7 Drewery Lane, Melbourne

Sale of 10/50 Bourke Street by Donazzan Boutique Property

Genuine and a true professional
Just loved working with Gina to facilitate the sale of my Melbourne cbd apartment. She has a wonderful commonsense approach, providing tips on how to prepare the apartment for sale, working around my son who was living there at the time and coming in earlier to add finishing touches before inspection. As my permanent residence is 3 hours away, it made the job so much less stressful.
She is a true professional, a genuine person and I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful result.

Cathy Lucke
Vendor, 10/50 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Sale of 1/7 Drewery Lane by Donazzan Boutique Property

I have both purchased property and sold with Gina as my agent. I wouldn’t use anyone else. I trust Gina totally.
As a seller, she got the best result I could have hoped for. As a buyer, she understood my needs almost better than I did, steering me towards wonderful homes, that I may have overlooked, without Gina’s incredible eye, and knowledge.
Added to that, viewing properties is an absolute joy in Gina’s company. She adds to the excitement of finding the perfect home. You can not possibly do better than working with Gina Donazzan!

Trevor Wight
Vendor, 1/7 Drewery Lane, Melbourne

Sale of 1/50 Bourke Street by Donazzan Boutique Property

Expertise & Excellence
Having now dealt with the formidable Ms Donazzan on a half dozen different occasions as both a purchaser and a vendor, I remain in awe of her market prowess, her tenacity and her genuine concern to ensure that all parties prosper as a result of her negotiating expertise.

Graeme Clifford
Vendor, 1/50 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Sale of 1/50 Bourke Street by Donazzan Boutique Property

Timely, attentive, gracious and very efficient. A highly efficient and respected agent.
This is the third time we have used Gina Donazzan for CBD properties. (and a fourth process, which we took one off the market because of rapidly changed market conditions and price uncertainty) She’s determined and attentive when things are running smoothly – and when things aren’t running smoothly you want that depth of experience on your team.
Gina is honest and realistic, and very professional. Her accumulated network of contacts and length of experience makes her the best of the best.

Jennifer Hutchison
Vendor, 1/50 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Sale of 10/50 Bourke Street by Donazzan Boutique Property

Genuine people person who is professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of the sales process.
We first met Gina some 10 years back when she was selling another apartment in our building, and were so impressed by her warm manner and professionalism that we kept her details in case we ourselves ever decided to sell. Gina has a can do attitude that made the whole sales process seamless for us, her knowledge and experience made everything happen quickly and simply and at the end of the day she closed a great deal for us.
For anyone thinking of selling their property we couldn’t recommend Gina enough. She will achieve a great result for you.

David Lucke
Vendor, 10/50 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Sale of 15/50 Bourke Street by Donazzan Boutique Property

As executors of our father’s estate, my brother and I engaged Gina to sell his delightful, very special apartment at the top end of Bourke Street because we were aware that she had achieved good results selling many of the other apartments in the same building. She had, in fact sold the property to our parents in 2003.

From the outset Gina displayed enthusiasm and appreciation of the property and the way we wanted to present it. Because of her long experience selling apartments of this quality in the CBD we had confidence in her ability to judge the market and plan the sales campaign. As it turned out, we engaged Gina just before the COVID 19 restrictions were put in place which meant that everything had to be put on hold for a while. Throughout this period Gina communicated with us regularly as well as keeping an eye on the property and keeping the pot plants alive for us. As soon as it was allowed, Gina swung into gear and was successful in selling the property twelve days later.

We were very happy with the way Gina kept us informed throughout the process and with her sound commonsense and personable approach.

Michelle Sholl
Executor for Vendor, 15/50 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Sale of 8/7 Drewery Lane by Donazzan Boutique Property

The word “Boutique”means a focus on a specific part of the market and driven by passion. I’ve known Gina Donazzan for over 5 years and that is what you get from her at Donazzan Boutique Property. Gina has a deep knowledge of the Melbourne heritage market and her reputation, experience and skill speak for themselves through her results. My dealings with her have always been very professional, focused and she brings a “can do” attitude to everything she does. We were rapt with the recent sale of our apartment in Drewery Lane. Gina has sold an amazing 15 apartments in that building now.

The result vindicated for us why you go with the best who know their industry and the local market as well as Gina does.

Chris Noonan
Vendor, 8/7 Drewery Lane, Melbourne

The bestselling agent in the Melbourne CBD

I have known Gina for a long time, and she is a very genuine and knowledgeable agent. She is realistic in communicating market values, but is also capable of securing fantastic results with her huge range of potential buyer contacts. Gina secured an outstanding result for the sale of my apartment, and I couldn’t be happier with her communication and the process she went through – knowing when to go hard and knowing when to hold back. She wasn’t pushy in trying to sell my property, which I hadn’t necessarily considered selling, but decided to do so opportunistically.

She exceeded my expectations.

A. Domanti
Vendor, 1307/118 Russel Street, Melbourne

I have been fortunate enough to know Gina for a number of years as she has sold most of the apartments in the prestigious Georges Apartment building. Gina worked closely with me for over a year before my apartment was put up for sale and her market knowledge and expertise were critical in determining when it was the right time to take my property to the market. Gina is professional and very committed to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. Her honesty and personable nature make her a fantastic agent to deal with – whether you are a seller or a buyer. Gina’s extensive experience with selling boutique properties in the CBD resulted in an outcome far above my expectations and in a timeframe of only one week! 

I would not hesitate to recommend Gina to anybody wishing to sell.

Sheetal Mudumba
Vendor, 24/180 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

I’ve known Gina since the early 2000’s when I first moved into the city. Back then most people thought I was crazy renting an apartment in the city. Maybe I was, but I quickly realised what Gina already knew, the city is a vibrant place to live with a surprising sense of community. I immediately started to look for a place to buy and when I found one in 2006 I asked Gina to handle the sale of my investment property in the CBD. Over the years I have gotten to know Gina quite well and it’s obvious that she really understands the CBD market and all it has to offer. 

No doubt that is why she has built such a loyal following and continually achieves great results for her clients. Selling my property. I’m currently living OS and on a recent trip back to Melbourne Gina asked me if I wanted to sell. My immediate answer was a firm no; I was happy leasing my apartment. Though I did say, if I achieved a great price I would sell. Gina told me she had a couple of really interested parties looking for a property like mine and that it would be a quick no fuss process.
I explained to Gina that I was about to release the property and I was heading OS in a week, but if she achieved my price I’d sell. I knew I could trust Gina to handle the process for me while I was OS but, honestly, I didn’t really expect anything to come from it and didn’t give it much more thought. 

A few days after I got home I heard from Gina to say she had someone very interested, shortly after they purchased. Fantastic result. It was the easiest property transaction I’ve ever had. In less than two weeks with no fuss, no advertising, just straight to the point. Gina handled the whole process from start to finish. 

If you’re thinking about property in Melbourne, talk to Gina.

Simon Pobjoy
Vendor, 31 Spring Street, Melbourne

Roughly five weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to sell my apartment in the CBD. My initial thoughts were to investigate who had recently helped my neighbour sell their apartment – which led me to Gina. From the first meeting, I could tell that Gina had a lot of experience and knowledge regarding real estate – especially involving boutique apartments such as mine. All of this knowledge was accompanied with a warm smile and a friendly nature.

The self-confidence she expressed from the get-go was followed up with a can-do attitude when I told her the price I wanted to achieve. Sure enough, Gina was able to achieve our goal within two weeks of putting my apartment on the market.

Her team must also be congratulated for their professionalism, organisation and knowledge of the Melbourne CBD in helping me sell my apartment.

I can only give the most positive feedback of my experience with Gina Donazzan and with pleasure would highly recommend anyone thinking of selling to just let her handle the whole process for you.

Thank you again Gina.

Josh McLennan
Vendor, 31 Spring Street, Melbourne

We take pleasure in writing this as a thank you to Gina Donazzan.

We have known Gina Donazzan for over 8 years. During that time, she has assisted us in the purchase, sale and leasing of all our Melbourne properties.

Gina has sold apartments for us at 195 Little Collins Street, 31 Spring Street and 51 Spring Street. She has always worked tirelessly to achieve outstanding results that we have been totally thrilled with. Moreover, her friendly and honest manner initiates an easy rapport with both vendor and buyer, ensuring that the art of negotiation takes place smoothly and successfully, an extremely important ingredient in the process as the results have always spoken for themselves.

Even with property management her team also manage of one of our properties at 31 Spring Street. They achieved consistent, high rental returns for us with well screened tenants who kept our property in immaculate condition. Something they as a firm, really care about.

Gina is a highly motivated, energetic and focused professional. Her extensive knowledge of the inner city property market and consistent sales successes, coupled with an extensive repeat client base bare testimony to this.

She is a consummate professional in every sense of the word and so too her property management team. With great pleasure we have no hesitation in recommending Melbourne’s Boutique Property expert.

Don Fini and Victoria Cole
Vendor, 31 Spring Street, Melbourne